Viking Terror


Short-listed for the 2007 Ottawa Book Award for Fiction

When 17-year-old Rigg and his friend Ari hang a marauding wolf in the wilds of medieval Greenland, they get much more than they bargained for: a hint of werewolves, glimpses of human sacrifice to the old Norse gods, and an encounter with a resourceful native girl that changes their lives forever.

This adventure brings Rigg and Ari into conflict with Rigg’s grandfather, Erik the Red, the ruler of the Greenland Norse colony, and with his daughter, Freydis, skilled in black magic. Rigg must fight a mysterious warrior known only as Death Watcher and lead a dangerous expedition to rescue his father, Leif Eriksson.

Based on history and Viking beliefs and customs, Viking Terror is a striking tale of conflict between young and old, pagan and Christian, Norse settlers and Greenland natives. The skill and courage of Rigg and Ari are pitted against strong and wily adversaries, with the survival of the new Norse colony in Greenland at stake.


Ottawa Book Award for Fiction
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`Tom Henighan`s Viking Terror ... is an immediate thrill, a teen romp in the wilds of medieval Greenland."

Star Phoenix (October, 2006)

"It's main appeal will be to readers with an interest in medieval Viking culture."

VOYA (February, 2007)

"Henighan builds one peril upon another in a carefully mounting ascent. Through minor puzzles ... he opens the door to the possibility of magic before unleashing Freydis's horrors later in the story. He has the same discreet approach to character."

The Globe and Mail (September, 2006)

About the Author

Tom Henighan

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Tom Henighan

Tom Henighan's numerous works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry include The Maclean's Companion to Canadian Arts and Culture, The Well of Time, and the YA novel Viking Quest (2001). He lives in Ottawa, and teaches at Carleton University.