Red Coats & Grey Jackets


"… the definitive analysis of the battle of Chippawa. Donald Graves establishes its historical background, describes the opposing armies, brings them into battle, and assesses the results, without wasting a word yet his account of the battle combines high colour and exact detail. You find yourself alternately in the generals’ boots and the privates’ brogans, in all the smoke, shock and uproar of a short-range, stand-up fire fight."

- John Elting, author of Swords Around a Throne: Napoleon’s Grande Armee


"Donald Graves appears determined to become a one-man-band on the War of 1812 ... Meticulously documented, cogently argued, this book alone will likely secure his reputation among military historians."

Hamilton Spectator (December, 1994)

"With the aid of Bill Constable's excellent maps, and a number of the participant's own descriptions, Donald Graves furnishes a clear, easy-to-follow account, demonstrating a through understanding of the tactical factors and leadership qualities which affected the outcome."

Military History Illustrated (January, 1995)

"The quality of writing and information is superb."

CBRA (January, 1994)

"Highly recommended for anyone interested in the British Army's hard fought 1812-15 battles in North America."

About the Author

Donald E. Graves

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Donald E. Graves

A military historian with the Department of National Defence, Canada, Donald E. Graves has published many articles and monographs on warfare in the Napoleonic period, including Sir William Congreve and the Rocket's Red Glare (1989). He is the author of The Battle of Lundy's Lane, 1814 (1993) and co-author of Normandy 1944: The Canadian Summer (1994). He resides near Almonte, Ontario.