“Quote Me”


This is the first book of its kind. It resembles no other collection of quotations and proverbs anywhere in the world. Two factors make it unique:

The two column format

The brevity of the entries

Turn to any page in the book. Read the left-hand side of the page first. Your curiosity will then compel you to read the completion of the citation or idea on the right-hand side. Reading thus becomes sheer pleasure.

You may use "Quote Me" as a reference book. You may find it fun for browsing. Over 3800 quotations arranged by some 800 topics, many of them funny and original, make this book ideal for everyday and special-day use.

  • The book is designed for pleasure and for use.
  • It will add sparkle to your conversation.
  • It will help you look and sound good.
  • It will brighten up your speeches.
  • It will enrich your life.

About the Author

J. Edward Breslin

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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J. Edward Breslin

J. Edward Breslin is a Toronto-born business executive and a graduate of the University of Toronto in Commerce and Finance. In 1939 he founded Breslin Industries Ltd., one of the country's leading manufacturers of lamps and shades.