The Jigsaw Puzzle King


2021 Silver Birch Fiction Award — Shortlisted

Being yourself isn’t always easy.

When you’re new in school, all you want is to fit in. When eleven-year-old Warren and his family move to a new city, his twin brother, who has Down syndrome, attracts too much attention for Warren’s liking. Bennie’s different and doesn’t care about it. But while Bennie may be oblivious to those who are curious or uneasy with him, Warren notices every smirk, comment, and sideways glance.

Warren is weary of flip-flopping between trying to be just like everyone else and being the protective brother of a boy with special needs. Sometimes he thinks his life would be easier if he had no brother. But what he really needs is to stop worrying about what other people think.


Silver Birch Award


Full of fun, packed with surprises (some of them stinky), and bursting with love. The Jigsaw Puzzle King will break your heart, then fit it back together again in new and unexpected ways. 

Tanya Lloyd Kyi, author of Mya’s Strategy to Save the World

Tender, poignant, and at times painful, The Jigsaw Puzzle King will tug at your heart as you struggle along with Warren while he navigates the fine line between fitting in and being the loyal brother he knows he is. A beautiful, engaging story about loving people exactly the way they are. 

Shelley Hrdlitschka, author of Lost Boy

Many kids will relate to The Jigsaw Puzzle King, an honest, laced with humour and fast paced story of Warren and his twin bother, Bennie, who has Down syndrome. The characters and feelings ring true.

Frieda Wishinsky, author of Canadian Flyer Adventure series

Portrays the real-life themes of diversity and perspectives with humour, excitement, sensitivity and warmth. Highly Recommended.

CM Magazine

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