Hockey 365, The Second Period


More hockey history for every day of the year!

Celebrate hockey history with Hockey 365, The Second Period and be reminded of why you love hockey every day of the year. Whether you are a long-suffering Leafs fan or you cheer for a team that has actually won a Stanley Cup in the last half century, this compendium will give you a hockey-history fix no matter your allegiance. From the National Hockey League’s humble beginnings to the empty seats of the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Mike Commito has gone back into the vault to bring you even more hockey history. So, get ready, the second period is about to begin.


Author, historian and unabashed fan Mike Commito has assembled myriad facts, stories and events, a delicious feast that takes fans day by day through a calendar year, sewing it all together with a thread that links the past with the present … a terrific addition to any hockey library.

Dave Stubbs, Columnist / Historian, for Hockey 365

Mike Commito is one of hockey’s best historians. [Hockey 365] is a triumph of his passion and insight — and is sure to enthrall hockey fans from every generation.

Dan Robson, Sportsnet senior writer, for Hockey 365

About the Author

Mike Commito

Posted by Kendra on November 14, 2017
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Mike Commito

Mike Commito is a hockey historian and writer, whose work has appeared on the Athletic, Sportsnet, and VICE Sports, and in the Hockey News. Since 2018, Mike has been a regular contributor for the LA Kings. Mike was eligible to be drafted to the NHL in 2003, but is still waiting for the call. He lives in Sudbury, Ontario.