Gavin K. Watt’s Revolutionary Canadian History 5-Book Bundle


This special bundle collects five titles by military history specialist Gavin K. Watt. This series has a unique focus: The American War of Independence viewed from the perspective of British operations in the north. The Burning of the Valleys concerns a decisive campaign against the northern frontier of New York in the fifth year of the war. A Dirty, Trifling Piece of Business is about operations in the sixth year, including in the south. In Poisoned by Lies and Hypocrisy, Watt explores the first two campaigns of the American Revolution through their impact on Canada and describes how a motley group of militia, American loyalists, and British regulars managed to defend Quebec and repel the invaders. Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley concerns the campaign that led to the destruction of British-held Fort Ticonderoga. These titles are essential reading for military history, early Canadian history, and War of Independence history buffs.


  • The Burning of the Valleys
  • A Dirty, Trifling Piece of Business
  • I Am Heartily Ashamed
  • Poisoned by Lies and Hypocrisy
  • Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley

About the Author

Gavin K. Watt

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Gavin K. Watt

Gavin K. Watt is the author of eleven books about loyalist military history, including Burning of the Valleys and Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley. He lives in King City, Ontario.